School of intuition and chi energy – Feng Shui in practice

//School of intuition and chi energy – Feng Shui in practice
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III. The school of intuition and Chi energy

…Discover your internal wisdom and deepen the results of Feng Shui…

We will discover our hidden abilities and learn to use our telepathy, healing ability, working with kyvadlo, etc. Spiritual methods will help us to resolve various issues and will provide us with a shield against negative circumstances which hurt us.

Using a simple method we will learn how to clean a living space and transform our home into a secure and accommodating place. The cleaning  of environment helps us to regain the balance and the meaning of our life. It also helps to transform a working space and deepens the results of Feng Shui.

IV. Feng Shui in practice I.

…A favourite practical teaching focused on individual attendees of the course and working in groups…

An analysis of a ground projection and support of all life areas of all attendees. We create harmonisation and correctional measures for individuals in the class while the others can observe and learn. This work is intense, creative and beneficial for all attendees.

The course includes practical examples from real life, successful transformations, music therapy and internal self-cleaning program.

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