Harmonic environment – healing of the body and mind – relaxation – meeting


Studies of healthy living and life

The whole course is based on your own experiencing. Each individual is led to the responsibility for their life and self reliance. The experience is useful in both private and professional life in any profession.

The cultivation of environment, mind and body is worth the effort. It is a stable background which we can build on and have our life in our own hands. Another great benefit of the course is meeting many interesting and open minded people. Instead of gathering loads of books you can attend our Academy and gain a hollistic overview of Feng Shui.

The Academy consists of four independent courses during whole year. We begin always with a dinner on Friday at 17:30 and finish on Sunday at 14:00. You can choose whole Academy or individual courses according to your needs.

All attendees (of all courses) will receive a certificate in Czech or English language.

The Lions Hotel is located near the most mysterious place in the Czech Republic – Kounovske rady and standing stones on Spicak. The course includes a visit to the exposition and these places.


Hotel TERMAL Mušov  (výhled na Pálavu a mušovská jezera) 
Pasohlávky 54
691 22


  • School of shape and compass / School of Ba-Gua and five elements.
  • School of intuition and chi energy / Feng Shui in practice I.
  • Feng Shui and the new age / Feng Shui and gardens.
  • The body is a temple / New way of discovering / Feng Shui in practice II.

The secret of the Feng Shui Academy:

The academy is focused on harmonisation of the environment and a human. The course will support all aspects of life, heals the body and the mind, and helps to regenerate. The Academy includes study materials, practical exercises, healing meditations, Yoga exercises, deep whole body breathing, intuitive dancing and music therapy.


Individual courses 5 700 CZK

Please, confirm the reservation by the payment of 5 700 CZK, at least 2 months ahead of each course. The price includes the Course, experience program, accommodation, full vegetarian course, parking and spa.

Account number: 2000651849/2010

Please state your name, name of the place of the course and the course number,  variable symbol, your mobile number.

For international payments: IBAN: CZ 3320100000002000651849 SWIFT/BIC:FIOBCZPPXXX

We are not VAT tax payers.

You will need:

  • pen and pencil;
  • plan of your home with the North side marked;
  • colouring pencils, ruler;
  • sideric pendulum (can be bought at place);
  • compass (not compulsory);
  • yoga mat, fleece, pillow;
  • comfortable loose clothes;
  • shoes for interiors.

Every course is accompanied by nice music and a welcoming atmosphere.

Individual consultations and therapies after the course possible.


  • The reservation payments are non-refundable. The reservation can be transformed to the next year. In case of cancelling the course by the organizer, all payments will be refunded within one week from the cancellation announcement.

A gift voucher can be purchased for every course or an individual consultation.