Massage for healing body and soul

What is an awakening massage

Awakening massage is provided on the entire body and its goal is to awaken our life power which dwells in each of us. If you are tired, without energy, if you feel trapped, without purpose and joy…You can change all of that with this awakening massage.

Purpose of the awakening massage purpose is to get to the state of unity with yourself and others. During the process, your inside energy awakens, which heals your problems. Body health is a benefit of this path. If you work regularly at awakening your energy circuits, it heals also deep-rooted chronic sickness inside our body and mind and it has a big value for our spiritual awakening. Feedback from clients shows great results not only in healing the body but also in relationships, finances and other fields of their life.

What is its effectiveness

It works with our core, it works with principles and mechanism located inside us. Application of special fingers positioning, pressure and traction activate circuits which impacts on neurobiological part of human being. These circuits activate our programming, blocked emotions, memories, thing which affects our health and equilibrium. Awakening massage main purpose is to connect your inner self with reality. To be in present and accept the reality of how it is. This result to balance and healthiness on the physical, psychical and spiritual plane.

How awakening massage works

  • Before and after practising of basic therapy our clients get to drink special tea, which helps in tissue detoxification, relaxes muscles and neural system and cleans lymphatic system.
  • Afterwards, there is a massage like in standard massage procedure.
  • While we work with spine and vertebra during therapy it harmonizes and detoxification internal organs. This manipulation is painless and pleasant. It works with releasing toxins in tissues and the lymphatic system. Working with spine brings release to the neural system, blocked nerves, it brings nutrition to spinal discs and releases all of the spine and joints.
  • The whole massage is painless and very deep. Also, brain chemistry gets harmonized via neurobiological process thanks to special circuits we use in awakening in combination with acupressure and activation of inner energy.
  • This massage solves back pain, nerve pain, joint pain, brings support and organ detoxification. Solves allergies, asthma, insomnia, nervousness, big stress, bad digestion, menstruation problems and lots of other chronic states.

Energy level

Awakened inside energy nurture our cells, detoxification tissue and releases not experienced programs and emotions which causes sickness in physical body and mind. Afterwards, it removes blocked energy in chakras. Inner energy gradually opens and balances chakras and optimize their functions. The flow of this energy cleanses the body and releases blocked programs, emotions and non-functional beliefs into mind. Health is progressively better, clients fell light and full of energy with a calm mind. The sickness of body and mind are caused by irregularities in prana flow and they can be removed in time if the inner energy is awakened.

Spiritual level

Working with purpose, mantra and Dikša activates consciousness in Your Chakras. Spiritual level is based on the presumption that micro and macro cosmos reflect each other. It means that energies which control our body are the same sacred energies which make Universe – what is up is also down, what is outside is also inside.

Every chakra belongs to a specific element on this planet. Part of awakening is the activation of higher consciousness in our centres, which helps with healing and spiritual growth. In the end, the client receives Dikša – Blessing of grace. Dikša makes a neurobiological change and helps us to live and open programs. Grace is everywhere around us, we need only to open to it and accept it. Dikša is the touch of the highest consciousness.

Massage therapy lasts 60-90 min. Awakening massage will help you from pains of body and soul, to harmonize your life, to realize the truth, to find a way to your hearth and to connect with yourself. My helpers are Tibetan bowls with beautiful vibrations.


60 min: 800 CZK / 34 €

90 min: 1200 CZK / 51 €