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Along with the fact, that people have become more interested in their living environment, also their interest in how their own dwelling home influence them is growing. People tend to take a think how to harmonize to the nines their life by improving space, which surrounds them.

Changes of our home environment are related to the whole including ourselves. For thousands of years people listened to their own intuition and human life was in harmony with Nature. Environment which surrounds us is constantly evolving and changing, and thus concerns also our housing and health. The ancient teaching Feng-Shui is one possible solution to face the mentioned effects. Geomancy is a teaching of subtle Earth powers and about how we can understand them and work with them properly.

Feng-shui is a unique philosophy based on a long-term observation carried out by ancient Chinese masters and on fundamental laws of nature and universe. It is a teaching, in which spiritual and practical life co-exist in total balance and harmony and they blend together similarly as Jin and Jang. The space in which we live reflects all our personality and consequently all that surrounds us has effect upon us in return.

Feng-shui influence the following areas of our life:

  • health;

  • interpersonal relations;

  • prosperity, career;

  • enhancing quality of life;

  • finding inner peace and happiness;

  • finding meaning of life;

  • support of our goals;

  • support of studies, wordly wisdom.

Our home shall be the place of regenaration, security, privacy and personal space, satisfaction, health, happiness and harmony.

Our workplace shall offer use of our potential, creativity, revealed individuality, inspiration and good work relations.

By practising this method during contract processing we bring new dimension into conception of given space. It is only up to us, whether we decide to take our chances for our own advantage as well as many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs from all over the world, for whom Feng-shui means a respectable and reliable part of life.

We offer:

  • assistance with finding the right lot for a new structure;

  • selection of the most suitable location, positioning and orientation of a structure on the existing site;

  • architectural rendering according to Feng-Shui and geomancy principles;

  • use of Golden Section (Ratio) principle;

  • all work and service connected with construction of family houses, attic renovations, both apartment and commercial interiors;

  • reconstruction;

  • detection of geopathic zones and their transformation into the positive ones;

  • harmonization of your dwelling space, apartment, family house and its surroundings;

  • energetics support in the dwelling space for favourable impact on all life areas;

  • garden architecture and garden setting according to Feng-Shui principles;

  • designs of company visual style, fliers, business cards, logo;

  • designs for exhibitions, presentations together with providing their implementation, graphic design of sales promotions in case of launching products into market;

  • designs and production of made-to-measure furniture, provision of lighting, floors, textile decorations, bathrooms;

  • interior and exterior decorative painting.

What are our procedures:

  • getting familiar with your vision and clarifying amount of work;

  • physical observation of a particular site, house, apartment, garden or commercial premises;

  • detection of geopathic zones;

  • analysis of family or company needs, finding their preferences, diagnostics of weak points in life and disharmony working out astrotypes of all family members or a work team;

  • recommendation of other methods according to client´s individual needs.

Consultancy and guidance in the field of architecture, assesment of the suitable lot for a new structure and building documentation, reconstruction and restoration, designs and interior harmonisation of houses, apartments, offices and other living spaces including gardens are provided throughout all the Czech republic and also in abroad. We can only recommend you this method upon our deep experience, knowledge and its use in practice.


Personal and professional approach to both big and small contracts. Services provided by our company are based on individual and responsible attitude towards our customers. Our services utilization rate always depends on our clients´ wishes.

Personal consultation

Professional consultation at client´s place, where we look for forms how to improve certain life areas. This consultation lasts 4 hours most and consists of complex apartment (house etc.) diagnostic including detection of geopathic zones and proposed corrective actions, from which those possible to be undertaken immediately, we do undertake right away.

Price is 2 000 CZK ( 75 Euro) per hour. Transportation is charged 8 CZK (0,30 Euro) per km. During our visit it is possible to negotiate a written study elaboration. We are able to create very very exact and schematic interior designs using an architectural graphic program. Elaboration is a separate service.

Let your home and office environment work 24 hours a day for your own benefit!


Iva Matyášová
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